Web browsers are undoubtedly the new operating systems in the current digital world. It also means that websites are the available applications. However, handling traffic generated by these websites can prove to be a doubting task.

Golang is one of the best ways you can use to handle the traffic. It is a programming language designed to help users read, debug, and maintain larger software or websites. Read on for an insight into how to learn and use Golang.

Let’s delve in!

What is Golang?

Also known as Go, Golang is a programming language from Google that is designed with a focus on maintaining high-performance applications. Technically, Go is the official name of the programming language, and Golang came from the domain name “Golang.org.”

Go is mainly used for game development, backend or server-side programming, data science, and cloud-based computing. It is utilized by most tech giants, including Twitch, Netflix, Heroku, Dropbox, Google, Ethereum, Docker, and many more.

Why is Golang Worth Learning?

According to a survey conducted by stack overflow in 2020, Golang’s popularity moved from fifth to ninth place as the most loved programming language. Here are some main reasons why it is worth learning the general-purpose language.


Stability is one of the main things you look for in a programming language. Most seasoned programmers prefer Golang over other programming languages. Despite its continuous growth, it is quite stable. Besides, only a few changes have been made, making it compatible with most of the market codes.


Typically, Golang is a simple language. It has a basic syntax that is easy to read and write. The easy human-readable code integrated into Golang makes it the most recommended language for developers of all skill levels.

Made By Google

Google developers developed Golang; Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer, and Ken Thompson in 2009. The search engine has one of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world and a wide range of tech perks. Learning the language also means you will have a backup from Google.

Vast Opportunities

Despite being a new language, Golang has gained popularity among well-known companies such as Intel, BBC, Medium, and Docker. Many companies utilize the language for its maintainability, simplicity, code readability, and robust security.

How Can You Learn Golang for Free?

Today, numerous bootcamps and platforms are offering online courses for free. Some of these platforms include Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and Codecademy. All you need to do is conduct in-depth research to help you find the ideal platform.

Final Thoughts: Is Learning Golang Worth Your Money?

Yes, learning Golang is worth every penny. The comprehensive language is easy to understand, which makes it the ideal option for beginners. It is designed to be simple, built to purpose, and intuitive to run. Besides, it also suits beginners looking to learn the language for practical reasons.

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