JavaScript Quiz

Test your knowledge the JavaScript code example quiz.

JavaScript is a computer programming language that is very dynamic. It's lightweight and widely used on websites, thanks to client-side scripts that enable interaction with the user and the creation of dynamic pages. It is a kind of programming language that is interpreted and has object-oriented features.

Why Learn JavaScript?

You'll have no trouble finding work in whatever field you choose

The most important reason to learn JavaScript is to increase your employability in the programming field. Graduates with a computer science degree are consistently ranked as highly sought after.

JavaScript developers are among the most sought-after in the industry. This crucial programming language may lead to jobs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, information security, games development, and full-stack development. It may be used in a variety of contexts, from personal to professional.

It also makes you a more adaptable coder

JavaScript has become somewhat of a universal language in computer programming. There is no limit to the awesome things you can create with JavaScript knowledge.

Client-side scripting languages like JavaScript became popular because they made it easier for web developers to write their code directly for the browser (front end). However, recent enhancements to the JavaScript frameworks have made it a top choice for use in Node.js server-side or back-end development.

Javascript is already built into your web browser

Exceptionally, unlike other programming languages, learning JavaScript requires neither expensive textbooks nor specific hardware or software for development. JavaScript may be written on any machine having a web browser.

Learning Javascript has plenty of other benefits, like plenty of coding shortcuts, a lot of free learning materials, and an excellent complement to different types of coding languages. It's also a language you can be reasonably confident it's not going anywhere. In fact, as long as there's the Internet, it's safe to say that Javascript is there with it.

Quiz Details

The quiz contains between 8 and 12 questions and there is no time limit.